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Temporary Staffing Service

JJEL has long been involved in the temporary staffing of foreign engineers.

We believe that your need for foreign engineers is increasing every year especially with regards to “adaptability and competence”, “globalization”, “total cost reduction”, and ”technical ability”.

Merits of utilizing foreign engineers

1)You can secure an engineer with adaptability and competence (English proficiency, negotiation capability, technical competency, and experience).

Native speed reading and comprehension of English technical specifications
★Decrease in the risk of misunderstanding regarding requirements and cost estimations
 There are many examples of problems caused by misunderstandings or oversight with regard to specifications.  These risks can be seriously reduced with the use of foreign engineers.

Communication competency
★Communication in English with a foreign customer or a vendor makes it much easier and quicker to do
 business with them.
 You can utilize the foreign engineers to complement your English communication skill and negotiate
 with the customer or the vendor more persuasively, and on an equal footing.

2)Flexibility with each project

Flexible employment within a specified period (including the option to extend the period).
★You can hire the necessary staff for a specified period.
 You can assign optimum resources to more effectively progress each project. 

3)Cost reduction

You may be able to hire staff at less than the cost of the equivalent Japanese staff. 
★You may be able to hire competent engineers more cost-effectively.
 The cost of Japanese engineers may remain high, therefore utilizing foreign engineers can enhance cost competitiveness and agility within overseas project.

4)A shortcut to globalization

Secondary effects due to the continuous presence of the foreign engineers
★The continuous presence of foreign engineers will give you the ability to make effective day-to-day communication in English. You can also use an experienced foreign engineer as a tutor who can give hands‐on training for staff on foreign assignments. 

JJEL’s staffing and recruiting services

* To recruit candidates through the JJEL network.
* To screen applicants according to our customer’s requirements
* To enter into an agreement with a customer after the selection of an appropriate staff.
* To process administrative matters including visa applications, etc.
* To prepare accommodation, conduct orientation for life in Japan, etc. so that the new employee can start his/her work smoothly.
* To support the employee over the phone regarding their daily lifeafter they start work so that the client does not need to worry about such work.

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