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For Job Seekers - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register myself on this site?

JJEL’s site does not accept registrations. However, we will be able to offer you a job when we receive specific requirements from our client. Therefore, although you are not able to register yourself in advance, there are specific job fields which are always looking for skilled staff. Since we regularly post such job offerings on our site, please visit our site on a regular basis and send your curriculum vitae when you find an appropriate listing.

How do we select candidates?

The first stage is the submission of an application. Those candidates who pass the paper screening are then given a telephone interview. We then recommend several candidates to our client based on those interviews. We then interview and select the candidates together with the client. 

Where are interviews conducted?

We will try to interview face to face, but if this not possible because the candidate is abroad, we will do a phone interview instead. 

Do you hire information technology engineers?

Our main clients are plant engineering companies therefore our needs center mainly around mechanical and design engineers.

Do you hire new graduates?

No, JJEL does not hire new graduates. We mainly hire human resources who experienced and have worked for some years.

May I apply even though I am an older worker?

Since there are many job fields that put more importance on experience, your age would not be an issue in most cases.

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