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For Employers - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I inform you of our staff requirements?

Please inquire us by e-mail using the ”Contact us” form on this website, and let us know your requirements including the area of employment, qualification, experience, academic career, and/or language proficiency, etc.

Can you dispatch a staff to a project in a foreign country?

It depends on the country. Please send an enquiry to us with more specific information.

Can you dispatch a staff to a factory from which we will procure.

Yes, we can. We specialize in Quality Control/Quality Assurance for overseas procurement.

What kind of preparation would be necessary for Employers to receive a foreign engineer?

In the case of temporary staffing you are not required to make any specific preparation such as visa applications or the selection of accommodation, since JJEL will arrange it on behalf of the employer until the engineer starts working. 

How long does it take until the engineer is available?

It takes 12 weeks on average for the engineer to start working from the time we receive your inquiry. This period includes the obtaining of the work visa after their arrival in Japan.

Is it possible to ask you only for recruitment rather than temporary staffing?

We can recruit staff on your behalf based on your requirements. There is also another option available where in you can hire the staff on a temporary basis for several months and switch them to permanent after such time if both parties agree.

Do we need to pay fees for the recruitment of staff even if you cannot successfully find us a suitable employee?

You only need to pay performance based fees, i.e. unless the candidate joins your company, you do not need to pay fees

If an engineer is deployed in Japan, what kind of costs and expenses will be incurred?

You have to pay the following costs and expenses in addition to salary and commutation expenses

* hotel charges, transportation costs and airfare until the engineer arrives in Japan.
* work permit (visa fees), alien registration fees
* accommodation expenses
* electronic appliances including refrigerator, TV, etc.
* home leave expenses (semiannually) ; hotel charges, round trip transportation costs and airfare
* one way trip transportation cost and airfare to return to his/her home country after temporary
 staffing period

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