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Recruitment Service

Engineer recruiting is where we are at our strongest.

Our service is to bridge the gap between a job seeker who wants a permanent position at a company and an employer who is searching for the most appropriate employee for their needs. We will introduce you to the most appropriate staff who we believe will most closely match your requirements.

Our recruitment services

*Reduction and improvement in recruitment costs and efficiency.
 You may reduce time, advertisement costs and other expenses necessary
 during recruitment.

*Experienced recruiters
 Our experienced recruiters have extensive knowledge covering each industry and will evaluate the experience and qualifications of every candidate and select the most appropriate one to meet your needs.

*Recruiting network for foreign engineers
 Based on our recruiting experience spanning more than 20 years and our broad and extensive global network, our experienced recruiters are able to introduce appropriate candidates to best match our Japanese customers needs.

*Performance based fee
 You do not need to pay any fees unless the candidate joins your
 Both you and the candidate may meet and discuss any matters until both parties are satisfied. In this way you can minimize the risk of any mismatch which could occur during the screening process.
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