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Plant Engineering
Japan Jurong Engineering Co., Ltd. (JJEL) was incorporated in Japan in 1979 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jurong Engineering Limited (JEL) based in Singapore.

For more than 30 years since then, as JEL Group’s sales outlet in Japan, JJEL has supported many Japanese clients in their implementation of various international projects in various overseas locations.

JEL Group consists of JEL Singapore, the core company of the group, and its subsidiaries and associated companies, with more than 300 specialists, engineers and technical staff, and has long been recognized as a highly reputable world-class international engineering and construction company.

JEL Group, as one of the key players in the fields of construction of power, petrochemical and chemical plants and various other industrial plants, has established a proven track record of over 40 years and built good and lasting relationships based on mutual trust with our clients in South East Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa.

Type of Plants Covered:

[Power Plants]
Since 1972, when we completed the first boiler plants in Singapore, we have been involved in various power plant projects in more than 20 countries, with a total supply record of 160 projects with an aggregate capacity of more than 57,000MW.

We have also completed a total of 14 EPC turnkey projects as a main contractor for middle and small sized gas turbine co-generation projects since 1994.

Large-scale coal, oil and gas-fired thermal power plants,
Combined cycle power plants, co-generation power plants,
Diesel engine power plants, hydraulic power plants, bio-mass power plants, geo-thermal power plants,
Incineration plants.

[Industrial Plants]
Since 1972, when we completed the first urea storage plant in Singapore, we have been involved in more than 600 industrial projects in over 20 countries, including more than 100 petrochemical and chemical plants and 19 iron making plants and steel mills.

Oil and gas plants,
Petrochemical plants,
Chemical and fine chemical plants,
Iron making plants and steel mills,
Metal and mining plants, cement plants,
Transportation, railway and airport facilities,
Others (incineration plants, water treatment plants, seawater desalination plants and other utility plants).

Scope of Services:

Our scope of services covers design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing and fabrication (shop, local and site), construction (mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, piping, structural steel, civil and architectural works), and commissioning and maintenance for various projects ranging from grassroots projects to so-called brown field projects, including retrofitting, rehabilitation and renovation of existing plants and maintenance services for the various type of plants as listed above.

Through our JEL network covering various countries, we are also well acquainted with the local information and knowledge, such as codes and regulations, prices, labour and other market conditions, needed for us to be able to serve you as one of your most reliable partners to meet whatever your needs may be.
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