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Plant Engineering

Engineer staffing and recruiting is where we are at our strongest.

Experienced professional recruiters will provide you with a suitable and capable human resource who will meet your immediate needs.

Recruitment of foreign engineers
We have been engaged in recruiting many skilled foreign engineers mainly for plant makers since our establishment. They are working on a variety of projects that customers have received orders for from overseas, and we always receive very positive feedback regarding the engineers we have recruited on their behalf.

Plant designing Design of rotating machinery for various plants
Electrical instrumentation for various plants
Gas turbine system design for a thermal power plant
Piping design for a thermal power plant
Basic design of a (ultrahigh pressure) boiler for a thermal power plant
Production control Progress and schedule control (Primavera, MS Project)
Quality Assurance, Quality Control
Others Maintenance
Contract management

Japanese engineers recruiting and staffing
We are highly respected by our customers for our Japanese engineers who not only have specialist knowledge, bit also have access to dedicated technology. 

Production control Quality Assurance/Quality Control (welding, etc.)
Inspection and Nondestructive Testing
Others Architectural work
Civil work

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