Privacy Policy

At Japan Jurong Engineering Co., Ltd., we place a high importance on protecting the personal information that users provide during a visit to our homepage. For this reason, we have taken the following steps to ensure that such personal information is protected.。

1. Intended Use of Personal Information

We will use the personal information received from you only for the purposes of “providing the information of JJEL and JJEL group’s products and services as well as related information” or “improvement and/or enhancement of JJEL’s and JJEL group’s products and services”.

2. Safeguarding Personal Information

We have implemented appropriate and reasonable safety measures in order to prevent personal information from being accessed illegally, lost, misused, altered, or leaked to an external party.

3. Limitation of providing the information

We will not disclose or provide the personal information to any third party except for the followings:
* if we received your prior approval.
* if we have reasonable reasons including legal obligation, etc.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with all laws and regulations relating to personal information.

Japan Jurong Engineering Co., Ltd.


Terms of Use

These Terms of Use set forth the rules for users (hereinafter referred to “YOU”) who use our services (hereinafter referred to “SERVICES”) on this website operated by Japan Jurong Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to “JJEL”). By using SERVICES you agree to be bound by them each time you access the website. YOU are requested to read the terms hereof before use of any SERVICE.

1. Definition

The SERVICE shall mean all the services where JJEL creates, keeps and provides recruitment, staffing and related information thereto on the internet for Job Seekers or an employer as well as all related services thereto.

2. Purpose of use

JJEL will acquire and use YOUR personal information within the range of the purposes as set forth herein below.

1) To provide YOU with SERVICES and related information.

2) To confirm YOUR status quo after employment at the employer and follow up any issues thereafter as necessary.

3) To provide YOUR personal information and application with the employer, and confirm and receive notice if YOU are actually employed at the employer.

4) To process and analyze the personal information for posting it on our website.

5) To conduct marketing activities and investigation in connection with performing our business objectives (Request for inquiry survey to improve our SERVICE).

6) To provide advice or suggestion with the employer when it makes a recruitment / staffing plan.
7) To respond to inquiry, give advice or settle a complaint as well dissolve a dispute.

3. Provision of Information and SERVICES

1) JJEL will provide YOUR personal information considering YOUR desire and qualification with the employer who entered into an agreement with JJEL the terms and conditions of which include provisions for handling personal information.

2) If the registered information including YOUR name, address, contact, etc, YOU are required to inform JJEL immediately of such change. If the delay in informing us of the change causes damage to JJEL and/or an Employer, YOU shall be fully responsible for such damage.

3) If we are requested by YOU to disclose, correct, add or delete YOUR personal information, or suspend or delete the use of the SERVICES, or to terminate the provision of the information to the third parties, JJEL will immediately respond to such request and inform YOU in writing except in cases in which special procedures are prescribed by any other laws and regulations. If JJEL is unable to provide you with information due to reasons that such provision of the information may be likely to harm the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of YOU or a third party or may violate laws or regulations, JJEL will inform you of such reason.

4. Prohibited matters

1) YOU warrant and affirm that YOU will not:

(1)Provide any incomplete, false or inaccurate information on any application submitted for a job,

(2)Impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity,

(3)Infringe a privacy right or any other legal rights of any other third party,

(4)Acquire or provide information using our SERVICES for profit making,

(5)Prevent operation of our SEREVICES,

(6)Offend public order and morals,

(7)Perform any activity that violates laws and regulations, and not

(8)Perform any other activity which JJEL deems it inappropriate.

2) JJEL may suspend YOUR use of the SERVICES without notice if JJEL deems at its sole discretion that YOU have made any act prescribed above.

5. JJEL’s responsibilities

1) JJEL does not warrant that the information provided under our SERVICES, express or implied, is true, legal, appropriate and usable. It is fully YOUR responsibility to use the information under our SERVICES.

2) JJEL may temporarily suspend the SERVICES due to acts of God, force majeure, other reasons, regular or irregular maintenance, or inability by computer virus. JJEL accepts no liability for loss or damage of any kind including without limitation, direct or indirect loss or damage, loss of business, revenue or profits, corruption or destruction of data, or any other consequential loss or damage arising out of YOUR use or inability to use our website.

3) JJEL may suspend or discontinue the SERVICES without prior notice to YOU. JJEL accepts no liability for loss or damage of any kind including without limitation, direct or indirect loss or damage, loss of business, revenue or profits, corruption or destruction of data, or any other consequential loss or damage arising out of YOUR use or inability to use our website.

6. YOUR responsibilities

1) If YOU violate the terms of use hereof including the prohibitive provision not to provide false information and damaged JJEL as a result, YOU shall be liable for any losses or damage (whether such losses where foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise) for JJEL.

2) YOU shall be responsible for any dispute or whatsoever with the third party which may have arisen from the use of or in connection with the SERVICE hereunder.

JJEL may disclose the personal information to the other third party than the employer, if:

* it is legally required, or

* if it is necessary to do so to protect the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of a third party and if it is difficult to acquire YOUR approval in advance.

7. Appropriate Management

1) JJEL will use its reasonable efforts to manage and update YOUR personal information correctly.
2) JJEL will use its reasonable continued efforts to implement necessary protection measures against such risks including unauthorized access to, and loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage of the personal information.

3) JJEL will provide necessary and appropriate trainings to the employees who are associated with the SERVICES and supervise them in order to securely control the personal information.

4) JJEL will keep the personal information after termination of the SERVICES for a certain period as provided by laws and regulations. JJEL will immediately erase the personal information after the prescribed period.

8. Inquiry

Please send 1) an inquiry for personal information management, 2) a request for notification, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of the “purpose of use” or 3) a request for suspension or termination of use, or termination of providing the personal information to a third party, to “Contact Us (Inquiry Form)”

9. Personal Information Officer

JJEL nominates a personal information management representative who will appropriately protect the personal information.

10. Amendment of the terms

JJEL may amend the terms at any time by posting changes on our webpage. Your continued use of our SERVICES after amendment for one month means you have agreed to legally bound by those terms that are updated and/or amended.